The Character of Legislative process adopted to amend the constitution



The task of the team was to analyze the nature of the legislative processes adopted in individual countries in order to amend the constitution (in the light of European integration and constitutional identity), and its main goal was to understand the mechanisms and factors influencing the process of amending the constitution in a democratic state ruled by law.

The monograph has been divided into five independent parts on the following topics: Chapter I – Procedural and substantive limitations on constitutional amendments, Chapter II – Impact of the European Integration Process on the amendments in the Constitutional System of Public Authorities: between integration and sovereignty. The role of the constitutional identity, Chapter III – Amending the spirit of a constitution? From changing the text to changing the character, Chapter IV – Diagnosis of the direction of changes in the catalogue of constitutional principles of the political, social and economic system and solutions on the status of an individual in the state – between constitutional identity and European integration, Chapter V – Analysis of the directions of changes in the constitutional system of the sources of law – between primacy of the constitution and the principle of supremacy of the law of the European Union.