Terms of Publication

Manuscripts published by the Wydawnictwo Instytutu Wymiaru Sprawiedliwości (the Institute of Justice Press, the “Publisher”) are created by employees of or contributors contracted by the Institute.  
Manuscripts dealing with the following thematic areas are eligible for publication: 1. Social studies (law, sociology, education, economics, management sciences) 2. Economic sciences (economics, management sciences) 3. Humanities (philosophy, history) 4. Engineering and technology (automation, electronic and electrical engineering, information and telecommunication technology) 5. Natural sciences (computer and information sciences)
We evaluate the manuscripts as a whole, which means that each manuscript is subject to a detailed assessment (we do not evaluate only the title or the summary).
We look forward to receiving manuscripts in languages other than Polish.  
By submitting a manuscript for review a contributor confirms that they have exclusive, perpetual and worldwide author's economic rights to the submitted work, and that these rights are free of any third party limitations or encumbrances, and that the contributor  is the sole owner of the author's economic rights to the work, and that the work is neither encumbered with third party rights nor subject to any third party claims arising from the infringement of such third parties' copyrights to the work. The contributor also agrees that the manuscript may be published in a print version, which will be its original version, and possibly also in an electronic format.
Manuscripts should be sent via e-mail to wydawnictwo@iws.gov.pl. The manuscript’s volume should be at least 6 but no more than 30 publisher sheets (a publisher sheet representing 40,000 characters, including spaces). The manuscript should be sent in a MsWord compatible, editable format, and should be typed in Times New Roman font size 12, with one-and-a-half line spacing, and the margins of 2.5 cm.
Each manuscript will first be assessed in the evaluation procedure as described under the “Manuscript evaluation process” tab. The final outcome of the evaluation will be communicated within approximately two months of the date of the submission of the manuscript. Upon expiry of the above deadline, the contributing author is informed that the manuscript has been positively assessed in the internal evaluation procedure and will be submitted for publication or that the Publisher is not interested in publishing it. The above deadline may be extended in reasonable cases, depending on the number of manuscripts submitted to the Publisher. After external reviews are received, the publishing process takes about twelve months to complete.
The Publisher reserves the right to abridge and otherwise adapt the manuscripts accepted for printing.
Contributing authors should present the results of their work in a transparent and accurate manner.
The Publisher's editorial team implements procedures aimed at eliminating the risks associated with such phenomena as ghostwriting or guest authorship. Submissions of all contributors must be accompanied by a statement confirming that the submitted manuscript has been created in its entirety by the contributor in question. If a manuscript has been created by several contributors, their names must be given, along with a description of their individual contributions to the manuscript submitted. The Publisher will document all cases of authorship dishonesty and will notify the institution employing dishonest contributors as well as academic associations, teams and societies of which they are members. The editorial team at the same time keeps and retains records of all cases of detected misconduct.
The Publisher adheres to the adopted Code of Ethics and Conduct.