Privacy Policy

The publishing house of the Institute of Justice ensures that it collects only personal data necessary or relevant for the operation of the website and that this information, depending on the data provided, is carefully stored and will be deleted when it is no longer needed. IWS Publishing House does not knowingly disclose to third parties any personal data that identifies the Users of our website, unless: 1. The data is required by law or for the purposes of legal proceedings. 2. It has the User's consent. 3. Information is required in connection with services provided by third parties, who shall be bound by the terms of this privacy policy.  
Certain products or services offered by the Publishing House via this website may require the USER to provide personally identifiable information, such as name and password. The USER may refuse to provide information, which is tantamount to resignation from using the product or service. The publishing house may use the collected personal data for internal purposes.
The USER should be aware that the privacy policy of third party websites is different and the Publishing House is not responsible for the manner of storing and using of the personal data collected by them.
The Publishing House will review this privacy policy periodically and reserves the right to make changes without notice.
By using this website, you understand and accept the practices described in this privacy policy.
The last update of the privacy policy - 14/01/2019.
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