About Us

The Institute of Justice Press provides a full range of publication services. All manuscripts that we receive are developed by a team of experienced professionals who work with the author(s) to design graphic presentation of the publication (cover and typographic design, layout, etc.). Our experts select the dimensions, type of cover and paper most suited to the book’s characteristics, and – most importantly – assist in editing, proofreading and typesetting, and then send the publication to print. The Institute of Justice Press’ key strengths, the superb team of experts and the unparalleled expertise of our contributors, translates into the best-in-class publication services.
As a major publisher, the Institute of Justice Press publishes mainly reviewed academic texts, in electronic and printed form. The establishment of the Institute’s publishing arm was prompted by the need to create an effective mechanism for the dissemination of high quality academic and research content and to remove barriers impeding the existing scholarly communication models. In keeping with its obligation to disseminate knowledge, the Institute of Justice Press shares downloadable digital copies of many of its publications free of charge. The printed copies are available for purchase, also through this website.