Legal recidivism in selected Member States of the European Union


Title: Recydywa jurydyczna w wybranych państwach członkowskich Unii Europejskiej (Legal recidivism in selected Member States of the European Union)

Author: Julia Kosonoga-Zygmunt

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The study extensively reflects both the scholarship views and the abundant jurisprudence of the Supreme Court and courts of appeal on legal recidivism. The work unquestionably excels at presenting comparative threads, discussed in two separate chapters.
The author has carried out a comprehensive and multidimensional analysis. In order to emphasise the unique nature of recidivism laws operating in particular jurisdictions, the author engages in country-specific discussions on such issues as the legal nature and essence of recidivism, types of recidivism, the constituent elements of its definition and legal consequences of criminal re-offending.
The author has conducted high-quality research, which deals with difficult and complex problems, including those that have been long contested in the scientific discourse and judicial practice. She has diligently examined the relevant literature and case law of national and foreign courts.
Dr hab. Sławomir Żółtek, University of Warsaw


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