The right to privacy the view of young researchers


Scientific editor: Marcin Wielec, Bartłomiej Oręziak

Number of pages: 189


Year of publication: 2024

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The various chapters of the publication indicate the role, scope and essence of the right to privacy in the context of different branches of law and, in addition, how the right to privacy is interpreted in different legal systems. The book indicates the evolution of the interpretation of the right to privacy and the scope of the right to privacy in the

context of other human rights. The subject matter addressed is a topical research topic and will certainly find interest among researchers engaged in human rights analysis. The analyses made should become a contribution to an in-depth discussion on the scope of individual human rights.



From the reviews dr Katarzyny Pluty


The reader will have no problem understanding what the authors of this English-language publication wish to present. They are young researchers who use professional but understandable language. They are communicative and one can see that they care about connecting with and being understood by their audience. Most of them clearly emphasise the possibility of developing the issues presented. They indicate “what should be doneˮ to improve the quality of privacy protection. They would like to develop a form of the right to privacy that is acceptable to the legislator and the citizen. At present, this is a difficult, even breakneck problem. Are all the ideas of the young scientists suitable for implementation? Probably not, but it is important that they are there, that they have been worked out. The very definition of the right to privacy is valuable and diverse. A solidly constructed conceptual base is a good starting point.


From the reviews dr. hab. Andrzeja Szymańskiego, prof. ucz.

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