Court probation officer – a high-risk profession


Title: Kurator sądowy – zawód szczególnego ryzyka. Bezpieczeństwo kuratorów sądowych w świetle badania ankietowego (Court probation officer – a high-risk profession. The safety of court probation officers in light of a survey)

Authors: Anna Janus-Dębska, Małgorzata Gronkiewicz-Ostaszewska

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High-risk professions are usually associated with the occupation of soldiers, bomb disposal specialists, police officers, firefighters, miners or prison guards. However, apart from a small group of probation experts and, of course, court probation officers themselves, few would be willing to classify the seemingly calm, stress- and risk-free profession of a court probation officer as one of the high-risk occupations. The truth is that court probation officers practice one of the most unsafe professions, something that the public is not aware of. The lack of public awareness of the high risks associated with this specific profession results, at least in part, from the very small number of published studies on this important issue . . . . Excellent knowledge of the subject matter discussed in the reviewed book is a consequence of the fact that the authors themselves are court probation officers . . . .
An extremely valuable feature of the reviewed book is its extensive empirical basis. It presents the results of an extensive survey carried out with the use of an online questionnaire, which has been developed and conducted by the authors.

Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Siemaszko, Institute of Justice

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