Eurocrimes and Polish Criminal Law


Autor: Barbara Janusz -Pohl, Michał Wawrzyńczak, Przemysław Pietrzak


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This monograph is the result of team research conducted in 2020-2021 on the topic of Typification of so-called Eurocrimes in Polish Criminal Law: Consistency of Polish substantive and procedural criminal law with the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025 in the frame of the project supported by the Institute of Justice, Poland. As indicated by the project’s title , we aimed to inquire whether the standerds of Polish Criminal Law, meaning substantive criminal law and penal procedure regulations, present complex and protective standards (especially from the point of view of a victim), standards conforming with the European Gender Equality Strategy. Aiming to achieve this purpose , the analysis covered several areas: a) description of bindinding regulations and their interpretation; b) critical overview of the approaches to interpreting Article 83 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), which forms a basis for the notion of Eurocrimes; c) collection of statistical data and assessment of criminality dimension in correspondence with the classification of crimes in Polish Criminal Law; d) level of procedural protection in the case of gender-based offences. Observations and remarks have been included in this book’s final chapter. The book is addressed to researchers, especially comparartive law scholars, as well as practitioners dealing with the Europeanization of criminal law.

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