Freedom of Speech. A Comparative Law Perspective


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Freedom of Speech: A Comparative Law Perspective offers a wide-ranging review of free speech law in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Australia, with a special focus on hate speech and on artistic and scientific speech. It provides a great deal of information on these topics, in a single volume, which presents a considerable value to anyone who wants to study the subject.
prof. Christopher Wolfe, University of Dallas

The book is disturbing. It encourages to pose serious questions, in particular about the phenomenon of the persecution for expressing traditional views, which ceased to be accepted by certain political and intellectual elites. It presents the context which allows us to realize how difficult it is to address such issues. Nevertheless, searching for the answers seems absolutely necessary. The analyses of the US law could be considered a universal parable about the awareness of free speech. The analyses of the law in other countries warn us how fragile the protection of freedom of expression is.
prof. Franciszek Longchamps de Bérier, Jagiellonian University in Kraków

The volume focuses on an important and complex theoretical question of practical value which is inscribed in the debate on the limits of freedom of speech. It is a collection of independent studies with a clearly presented central idea. Written by the authors representing not only different academic institutions and countries but even different legal cultures. Such a choice of authors offers a variety of presented evaluations, which testifies to the richness of content included in the book and is an invitation to further studies and analyses.
prof. Wojciech Lis, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

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