Marriage, Children, and Family. Modern Challenges in Comparative Law Perspective


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The book is a collection of essays presenting a troubling trio of family law issues from a comparative law perspective. The authors, all experts with international reputations for their contributions to family law development, explore three discrete topics: the nature of marriage, sexualization of children, and involuntary commitment for addiction. The book is rich in content, and often provides specific suggestions for legislative reforms of Polish law. Foreign authors provide clear and readable commentary on the state of their domestic law, allowing readers to compare both jurisprudential and technical differences in national treatment of difficult family law issues.

Teresa Stanton Collett, Professor of Law,
University of St. Thomas School of Law, USA

The edited volume presents interesting and multifaceted reflections on the issues of marriage and family. The book contains a creative and critical discussion of the subject matter of the title. It delivers important analyses of American law concerning programmes in relation to third parties, e.g. empowerment and education of third parties, which should be an inspiration for the development of systemic programmes in Poland. Studies on the protection of marriage, the maintenance of parental ties with children and the promotion of equal rights are of cognitive value.

Andrzej Sakowicz, Professor of Law,
University of Białystok

The book deals with several important issues that are of fundamental importance for the proper functioning of modern families and entire societies. Therefore, I consider the selection of issues discussed in the book to be extremely topical and noteworthy. The volume is a collection of studies prepared by authors representing various universities from Poland and abroad, which undoubtedly should be appreciated. Such a selection of authors ensures a variety of presented evaluations concerning the issues specified in the following parts of the book and presents them in a comparative law perspective.

Wojciech Lis, Professor of Law,
The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland

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